How long after I place an order will it take for delivery?

My work is made in editions. If I have an edition on hand it can be shipped immediately. However, most of the time I have to place an order with the foundry which does my bronze work. Bronzes are labor intensive. It takes 14 different work steps with molds, wax and bronzing plus my application of the final ‘”patina” to complete a bronze. That process from placing an order to completion and shipment can take 4-5 months.

Why is a bronze so expensive?

I am often asked why is it so expensive to buy a bronze. Creating the animal takes a great deal of time by the sculptor followed by the foundry’s labor intensive work to create the finished product. Bronze is made up of 95% copper and the other 5% of other metal alloys. Copper is a very expensive metal, the price is increasing dramatically due to massive construction demand in countries such as China.

How do I Care for my Bronze?

Please click on the link to artworks foundry.com to get current information on how to care for your bronze works of art.

Foundry and Casting

Pauline creates her bronzes using the ancient “lost wax” process. She sculpts in clay , from this a mold is made which then destroys the clay work. At the foundry the mold is used to reproduce a limited edition of the sculpture. The final step is the patina which changes the color of the raw bronze with heat and chemicals. For more information on the lost wax method go to www.artworksfoundry.com