Pauline Tusher with Lambs

Pauline Tusher Artist

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Pauline grew up in East Africa in the late 1940’s and 50’s living in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  Wildlife wasn’t only in the environs around her but also in their garden, where lions, leopards and elephants were visitors.

“I always begged my parents to let me bring home injured and starving animals and worried about them for days after being told I couldn’t bring them home or help them.  There was a time when I had hoped to be a veterinarian”.

Pauline is a contributor to wildlife organizations, such as:  The Marine Mammal Center, Conservation International, The World Wildlife Fund and the California Academy of Science.

While having little formal training, Pauline’s heritage gives evidence of her painting and sculpting genes.  Her maiden name was Kensett and she is related to John Frederick Kensett 1816 - 1872 who is exhibited in the Tate Gallery, London, 40 museums in the United States  to name a few: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York where he was a founding member.  Museum of Fine Art in Atlanta , San Francisco’s de Young museum and the Smithsonian National Art Gallery in Washington D.C.

She is also related to  Peter Smith  who sculpted on the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park, London, York Minster Cathedral, Yorkshire and Canterbury Cathedral in England.

Pauline has studied under Mischell Riley and Shray Todd for sculpting, and  Lola Owen, Anita Hampton, Bill Blackman, Howard Reese  and Joachin Pineda for oil and acrylic painting.

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